Wednesday, 29 June 2011


   Ella enchanted is one of fairy tail story.Ella is a special baby which is have a special give from her fairy god mother is obedience to everything who want to order to her.But,from the gift,she is very suffering to continue her life.She must obey to everything order are given to her.
   Ella is born into an ordinary household.Her mother is a fairy.and mandy her aunty living together at their house.When ella was young,her mother fall sick and die.then,a few years ago,Her father remarries.her stepmother named dame olga and her daughters name Hattie and Olive.They was so cruel and have a bad attitude that they are knowns that ella is obey averything order are given to her.Then,her stepsiblings start to make bad think to ella.
   After that,prince Char comes to their town with her uncle who is temporary king.but,Ella don’t like Char because the rules his uncle making and think is Char is like her uncle.Then,they meets again when char run from crazy girls to want him and after the incident,they know each other.
   One day,ella decides to find her fairy god mother and want to ask her to take away the that witch.then,Mandy give a book to her and tell that is her boyfriend.the can able to show ella a picture of anyone and shoe the maps.from that book,He can help ella to find Lucinda.she go on the journey to find Lucinda and its be frusted when the place Lucinda live tell that Lucinda moved other place.But she was meet Char and he took ella to his castle because there also many information.Then ella was meet char uncle and his uncle knows averything about ella from her step siblings.The uncle ordered ella to kill Char at the ball dancing room he’s uncle made.Ella is very upset and tell to Slannen her friend to chain her to big tree at the middle of town.But,Lucinda comes that time and unchained Ella to suggest go to the ballroom.
   At the ballroom,char supposed ella to marry and that time ella already with knife to kill char,but when they kissed,the witch is gone and char saw ella with knife then he misunderstand with this.He don’t want to to heard everythings what ella day,When they made royal coronations day,his uncle planned something to kill Char and hope he can becomes king.but,ella told everything to Char and finally Char believed with Ella and the last Ella and Prince Char married together…….=)